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That means you can edit Word documents from a smartphone or small tablet, but if you're on a larger tablet, laptop, or desktop PC you can only view them.

On iOS, the distinction is simpler at least: you can create and edit documents for free on any iPhone, regular iPad, or iPad Air or Mini, but iPad Pro users can only view files. It's worth noting that even on a device with a smaller screen, you only get what Microsoft calls the 'core' Office experience, with some editing tools and features held back from free users. Being able to view documents alone isn't much use of course, so anyone on a PC, laptop or tablet with a screen bigger than It offers the same apps listed above, but simply unlocks their full feature set on any device, while saving your work in the cloud so that you can access it wherever you are.

Teams lets you chat, share files and start video calls from within the platform.

Different Ways to Download PowerPoint Free Trial

You need to be a full-time or part-time faculty or staff member or student with a valid school email to be eligible. Check if you qualify here.

You would need to check your eligibility by entering your corporate email address. See if you qualify here.

Microsoft Office - Download

Can you use Microsoft Word without paying for it? Well, no.

Although there are free open-source word processing programs available, Microsoft Word is not one of them. There is a free ad-supported, stripped-down version called Microsoft Word Starter, but it only comes pre-loaded on new computers. Word is included in the Microsoft Office free trial but you do not have to install the whole suite. You can select what Office programs you want to use during the installation.

Download Earlier Versions of Office

The day free trial period is longer than most so you have plenty of time to test the new features. You might even be able to complete your term paper before the trial runs out!

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WARNING : The software locks when the free trial period expires, so be sure to save your files in another format you can open before the day trial runs out. If you want to continue using Microsoft Office after the sofware expires, you need to buy it.

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Like any free-trial software, you will receive annoying notices when it is about to expire. You have the option to buy the software at that time, or wait until the trial period ends and discontinue using it. You do not have to uninstall the free trial when it expires.

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Save yourself big headaches…make sure your system will actually run Microsoft Office before you download and install the software. The difference between meeting minimum system requirements and recommended system requirements is sometimes the difference between a frustrated user and a happy one.