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All-in-one Portable Sound System.

Technische Daten

Portable Watt PA System. Portable Adjustable Speaker Tripod. Rack mount kit for 3 pcs DI1.

Rack mount kit for 1 pcs DI1. Connectors for MP8D. Stand for WDA series. Gooseneck lamp with BNC Connector. With BNC Connectormm 18". Power and signal distribution panel. Stand for one or two SAT P. Hardware for SAT P. Hardware for SUB P. Abs case 10U on wheels and trolley for D series amplifiers. Abs case 6U on wheels and trolley for D series amplifiers.

Abs case 8U on wheels and trolley for D series amplifiers. Single channel wireless microphone receiver with up to selectable channels in iron case. Bodypack transmitter. Handheld microphone.

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Single channel wireless microphone receiver with up to selectable channels in plastic case. Single channel wireless microphone receiver with up to 16 selectable channels in plastic case. Professional UHF diversity wireless microphone system. Professional UHF diversity wireless headset microphone system.

Hypex Fa502

Professional UHF diversity wireless lavalier microphone system. Professional UHF diversity instrument wireless system.

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Stereo Band Graphic EQ. Stereo Tube Microphone Preamplifier.

Compact 1 - Channel Direct Box. Graphic Mono 31 - Band Equalizer. Graphic Stereo 15 - Band Equalizer. Graphic Stereo 31 - Band Equalizer. Multi - Band Sound Enhancement System. Vented Subwoofer, Passive or Direct. Dynacord DRP Zustand einmal gebraucht fast neuwertig. Digital Reverb Processor.

ILS Dynacord TS Vertical Array. ILS 6, ILS 8, The CMS is suitable for a variety of professional applications — live performances, recording studios, or fixed installations.

Powercap im Auto richtig anschließen - Kondensator TUTORIAL -

The light only 5. Only 1 left! ILS 10, Model EVX The ADD One is digital but only in programming and by processing the eight oscillators. The rest is analogue. Dynacord Powermate Powered Mixer. New Model, Now W. Incredibly Lightweight. Only 8. The Powermate features a 2 X W 4Ohm built in amplifier plus 2 reverb units, which can be set to 10, different settings! From Dynacord's Website It would be ideal for a large church, concert hall, or outdoor venue.

ILS 76, Cabinet: Full Range.

Alto Professional - MAC

Grille: GA Steel with black powdercoat. Frequency Range dB : 55 Hz to 20 kHz. ILS 2, Integrated digital signal procesing provides access to professional speaker processing with FIR Drive technology. Class H topologies, which provide market leading acoustic performance and reliability.

Dynacord 2200-3 User Manual

Ich bin mittlerweile nur noch ab und an mit Inear unterwegs, weshalb mein geliebter Dino ungenutzt im Keller steht. Endstufen- Ausgangsleistung: W. Beide Modelle sind ventilierte Direktstrahler mit hervorragendem Einschwingverhalten und sehr hohem Schalldruck. It is by far the most powerful and best equipped compact powered mixer on the market. Dynacord FS footswitch with superb build quality. The shipping time is about three weeks.

We took a couple of pictures of an actual CMS box that we opened up ourselves to show that these are authentic German products. We believe that these mixers are probably the best choice for any musician out there. M20 Stativflansch. Profi Subwoofer. ILS 9, ILS 36, Dynacord MDL Original manual from Weight Not specified. You can use this rack mount to properly attach the Powermate to your rack. Six screws attach the rack mounts to the Powermate, after which it is ready to be mounted into your rack.

When your Powermate is in a rack, it is easier to bring along with you and also better protected. Results Pagination - Page 2 1 2 3. Shop by Category. More Less. Brand see all.