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Thank you for the information, We are also provide QuickBooks Support. Visit our website for more details-. Have you had any of these issues?? I am on the new mac book pro. Hey Michael, I think the best is you talk to our support team. Any further questions let us know. I have read your article with interest. I have a large database on Quickbooks and all I want to do on my phone is to be able to access the database. I do not need to send invoices or do any bookkeeping at all. Do you know if this is possible? What do you want to access on your phone? I have not been able to find qbreflex in App Store.

I am just looking to be able to see open balances of customers and if possible previous invoices. Anybody think they can help? I just got an iPad and have QB Pro What do you suggest i use, TeamViewer or Logmein? I have to have both downloaded on each system right? I appreciate your feedback. For remote access from your iPad, I like Logmein Ignition. Everything is dandy until I try and enter my password for Quickbooks. Any suggestions?

I use the Android app on my phone , I can do everything in the field I need to do except enter a payment received in the mail or when a customer pays a past balance. With these I have to go back and enter it on a computer. Check iTunes for a Point of Sale app. What is preventing them from adding the extra field?

Its just one field like the others. It makes no sense that they would leave something so essential and likely so easy to implement out. After reading this post and forum threads like this and trying a lot of tricks I ALMOST got quickbooks online to work in full website desktop view on our work iPad. I tried iCab, Atomic, Diigo a chrome copycat for iPad and other browsers to spoof quickbooks into thinking the iPad was running firefox desktop. But a problem arises with Quickbooks use of popups. None of the above mentioned browsers could solve that problem. Also, eventhough Diigo has specific settings for allowing popups that did not help either.

Quickbooks for mac 12222

Then in Atomic browser with it set to be identified as Firefox I went to qbo. I logged in. It shows the enable popup page. But then I opened a separate tab and entered in the url mentioned above.

That allowed me to enter into our quickbooks online account in full website view. I was able to navigate around. But when I tried to add new customers, send invoices, etc. I received errors. SO, long story short, Quickbooks online mobile version exists for good reason…. Have you ever EVER created an invoice without descriptions???!!! I can also access various reports on my iPad. The only functionality of QB that I want to access from a smartphone is the customer notes.

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Can this can be accomplished through the TeamViewer application? Using TeamViewer or other remote access app would allow you to access QuickBooks on your computer. So, you could see the customer notes but you have to leave the computer on.

Powerful financial accounting software

Another option — check out an app called QBReflex. That's it!

Please let me know if you have additional questions by leaving a comment. I'd be glad to answer them. Have an awesome week ahead! My software is working well, and unless you foresee problems ahead, I'd rather keep what is working. Would appreciate your feedback. Intuit discontinues live support and access to add-on business services of older desktop versions of QuickBooks to focus on supporting more current versions. The QuickBooks services that will stop working include:. Using any of the above services or having any add-on products that expand your QuickBooks functionality, will require an upgrade or the services will stop working.

Your version will need to be upgraded before the end of May to keep all of your services and QuickBooks running smoothly.

QuickBooks for Mac Software - Reviews & Pricing

We recommend upgrading every three years to avoid service interruption. If you require more information, please let me know. I'll be around to provide them for you. Have a good one. Pleased to have you here, soundssweet. Choosing the best version of QuickBooks to purchase depends on your business needs and the device you're using.

Allow me to share some information with you on the pricing plan available for QuickBooks for Mac. It is a hybrid product, which is easy to use and feature-rich, created by grafting the best bit of QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Online. Just a heads-up though, price may change from time to time without prior notice. On the other hand, here are some of the enhancements in the new QuickBooks for Mac :. To check for any available subscription discounts and eligibility requirements, I'd recommend reaching out to our Customer Care Team.

An agent will be able to look into your account's billing history securely and provide you with the additional information you need. If you have follow-up questions about the subscription fee and other charges, feel free to leave a comment below.

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I'm here to help. Unfortunately this very powerful computer that I use for all of my business needs cannot be upgraded to the most current OS operating system without obsoleting huge numbers of necessary programs that I use daily in business. So quickbooks is working just fine on OS El Capitan I also carry a laptop when I travel and connect to the work desktop from the road. Quickbooks no longer functions on this newly upgraded laptop. I cannot install the Quickbooks for Mac I assume Upgrading to QuickBooks for Mac will not change the data.

It will just upgrade the file to work with the new version.