Nvidia gtx 570 for apple mac pro 2.5 gb cuda

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Most likely yes, the SC version of the Ti does draw too much power. Had you experienced crashes before?

Left the original card in slot 3 is that a problem? Installed the web driver and the CUDA driver and everything was ok. Any thoughts? Running El Capitan. I have heard that a pc card will only use pcie 1. Is this true? Do i have to flash the card to get 2. Will just installing the drivers do that? All this is new to me any advise is welcome.

Do i need to flash to get 2. Or does flashing just give boot screen? George, Forgot to mention, El Captian Only that the card is using the 2. I dont switch boot drives often. Plus ill keep the old hd card around for a backup. The speed difference between PCI-e 1. Hey Guys!

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Finally joined this amazing place after a few months of learning. Nice to meet everyone. SOOO frustrating.

Running El Cap Any help or thread references appreciated — been scouring without anything concrete to attempt. Do you have any advice? I am currently updating from Yosemite to Sierra and re-installing the drivers. Will this card work with my mac or will it draw too much power from the logic board?

But i lost the ability to select the boot manager, so pretty hard to dual boot to windows and come back to mac OS. So do i need another boot manager like Clover, or rEFInd?

Apple Mac Pro GPU Upgrade Guide - Which Graphics Card?

Or simply buy an old GT card and just switch cable when i need to access the boot up menu? You need to get your hands on a GT and switch the cable over, We supply a GT alongside all of our cards for that reason. Is their away to dual boot my Mac 4. With a display plugged into the GT you can alt boot into another drive. Alternatively you can boot into your OS then select the other drive as your boot drive and restart.

I tried the gpu in another windows pc and works fine.

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The Pascal cards require Frequently Asked Questions. I have a Mac 3. BUT this is the problem: Ran fine for about 6 weeks with this new card then suddenly started getting kernel panics where it just BSOD and restarts: No programs open except for browser pages with heavy graphic use news sites like CNN or LAtimes, etc. But now it does not want to boot anymore. It hangs during startup and I have isolated the problem to the card. Putting back in the original ATI Radeon card immediately solves the problem. Is there a way to somehow activate the webdriver during boot?

I know I can switch to the Mac driver during boot but not vice versa? It has a flashed ti in slot 1, and this has worked great. If everything is powered up correctly and functioning as should then my only assumption would be that there is an issue with the card. I am currently using a Radeon pro The is in my PC. Any help on getting it working in Mac. I have latest Nvidia drivers installed and am on High Sierra BUT this problem has been occurring: After initial boot in the morning sometimes no chime , the Mac re-boots itself up to 3 times before getting into the OS.

It seems that the system forgets its settings and needs to re-boot. Checked the sys, drivers etc. The power consumption is normal during every day work. Also did some stress tests on GTX — all check out fine.

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Should I try an different driver? Your input would be welcome!

Do I need an adapter? What kind of card can I used into this mac? Shut down your Mac. Locate the following keys on the keyboard: Turn on your Mac. Press and hold the Command-Option-P-R keys immediately after you hear the startup sound. Hold these keys until the computer restarts and you hear the startup sound for a second time. Release the keys.

FS: Nvidia GTX for Apple Mac Pro GB $ OBO

Thank you so much for posting all this info. I have a mid macpro running I installed the drivers and set nvidia as the default graphics card driver and ran the updates. I installed the card with one 6 pin-6pin power cable and one 6-pin — 8pin power cable. The card lights up and the computer turns on but the screen stays black as expected but never boots up.

Is there anything else I can try? Use the 8pin-SATA power cable instead of 6pin — 8pin cable? I tried slots 1 and 3 on the logic board, maybe slot 2? It seems like the card works just computer is not seeing it. First tests show Premiere running sluggish.

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Do you know of any software settings I should be using. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. You will need to be running either OS X This includes all security updates.

Fastest Mac GPUs with full EFI boot screens, etc, GTX570 & GTX580

Go to http: Download and install the driver, follow the instructions including restarting the Mac Pro. Go to System Preferences and check the Nvidia driver manager pane, on the third tab updates click update to ensure your on the latest version. As shown in image below. Shutdown your Mac Pro. Shown in image below. Please see the images below for visual explanations of steps 3, 5 and New web page added to site. Create Pro Guides. Do you draw 75W from the lower 5.

Cheers for the blog!